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Plastic Injection Molding


Precision and Efficient Production with Plastic Injection

Plastic injection molding is an essential mass production method for the serial production of plastic parts. It is preferred in many industries such as automotive, white goods, furniture, machinery manufacturing, and medical. At MARM Engineering, we ensure the production of high-precision and high-quality plastic parts by utilizing our expertise in plastic injection molding and advanced equipment.

Design and Production Process

First, the desired part is designed in a 3D computer environment, and after design approval, a prototype is produced using 3D printing machines for necessary revisions and testing of the part. Once the design and prototype reach their final form, the mold design phase begins. The designed mold is produced in necessary machines and connected to the injection machine. The preferred liquid plastic material is injected into the mold to obtain the final product. This process enables the production of plastic parts with complex geometries and details. The result is durable, precise, and repeatable plastic parts.


Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding

High Precision

The precision in mold design and production enhances the quality of the final product.

Fast Production

Plastic injection molding is a fast and efficient method to meet mass production requirements.

Excellent Surface Quality

The surface quality of the produced parts is excellent, and additional processes are usually not required.

Cost Efficiency

In mass production, the unit costs of parts produced by plastic injection molding are quite low.